A magical digital transformation
Voodoo Park are all about being brilliant data centric digital marketing innovators. From predictive analytics platforms, through marketing consultancy they are a multi talented team that focus on generating not just data but true human insights.
Creating a brand that truly represents the magic Voodoo Park deliver for their clients
The existing brand focussed on the secretive dark arts of ‘Voodoo’, the colour palette was dark as was the imagery. The time had come to develop a new strategic brand that better explained the magic and colourful personalities within the company.
Magic, mystery and delight
Purple symbolises mystery, creativity and magician so was a natural choice for the primary colour. A colour palette was developed around the primary colour and a core set of brand components developed. Images were chosen to convey a variety of emotions, from trust, wisdom, strength passion and confidence etc
Developing a brand with a magical personality
The brand process began with a workshop to explore positioning and research phase to start the development of the visual branding.
A magical digital transformation