Go behind the doors of the most famous recording studio in the world
Having a long and productive relationship with Universal Music, I was approached by Abbey Road Studios to help re-invigorate and optimise their website. The Home page needed to direct artists, business clients and fans to relevant sections of the site and overall, there was a desire to convey a more contemporary and dynamic brand image. Originally launched in 2015, user feedback prompted the client to make fundamental changes to their site. The Navigation was confusing, the Home page was uninspiring and their visual style was inconsistent.
A collaborative approach resulted in a design that delivers a highly engaging user experience
The design process began with site-wide navigation and the Home page. Two initial creative routes were presented, one very much on-brief an on-brand, and another that pushed the boundaries of both the client’s expectations and the technical possibilities. There were multiple design development rounds, with close client engagement via face-to-face meetings and conference calls. Our aim throughout was to be both supportive and consultative; responding quickly to any required changes, whilst offering expert advice and being a ‘critical friend’.
Through the world famous Abbey Road doors
I pushed hard for the new home page to have as much visual impact as possible; with close-up stylised photography, bold typography and a video taking viewers ‘through the doors’ of the world famous Abbey Road Studios.
Engaging with the fans of Abbey Road
A behind the scenes, fan engagement section was also created to display content from Instagram, YouTube, The Abbey Road Shop and the ‘Abbey Road crossing cam’. I was responsible for design concepts, UX, photography, photo-manipulation, video (from concept to edit) and the user interface design.
Abbey Road Studios, for the fans