Digster is one of the world’s leading playlist brands and home to the world's top artists.

Their mission is to curate world class playlists for all occasions, moods and music genres. Always with today's best hits, the hottest new music and the most popular classics.

However discovering new music is still very difficult especially wading through more songs than ever available before. The challenge was to make this easier.

Art Direction

Interface design

Visual design

Due to the amount of information and different types of content the website design would throw up many design challenges.

The primary task was to reduce the number of design styles and graphic elements whilst retaining a visual way of browsing. A limited colour palette meant that the interface was intuitive and the bright yellow brand colour indicated functionality and interactive graphic devices.

Across devices the maximise amount of screen space was used to deliver information and content.

The design process began with site-wide navigation and the Home page. Two initial creative routes were presented, one very much on-brief an on-brand, and another that pushed the boundaries of both the client’s expectations and the technical possibilities.

The aim throughout the design process was to be both supportive and consultative; responding quickly to any required changes, whilst offering expert advice and being a ‘critical friend’.

An open, collaborative approach resulted in a design that delivers a highly engaging user experience.