For a period of 3 months I integrated into the NatWest CPB (Digital, Commercial & Private Banking) Team to help them with a project called MyCash.

Working from within their offices in Bishopsgate and Islington the MyCash innovation project focused on visualisations of cashflow, forecasts and associated business activities.

The MyCash project was encountering a few visual design challenges as were other projects under the RBS & NatWest brands.

Experience Design

Design Direction

Information Design

Interface Design

Previous interface design
Goal: To minimise amount of design & styles

The main task was initially to visualise a number of graphs within the interface, however this was quickly broadened to exploring options for the interface itself.

It was felt that a number of the interface elements were too commanding and overpowering the information and content, the layout of the existing interface was also too restrictive to deliver information effectively.

Working with key stakeholders and leading members of the CPB team the decision was made to completely redesign the interface itself.

The design process began with setting out a list of objectives for the new interface:

– To maximise the amount of space used to deliver information and content.

– To minimise the amount of styles, elements, colours and graphics used.

– To define a strict hierarchy of tables, modal windows, CTA’s, typography and functional & graphic elements etc.

– To deliver information that communicates with clarity and is easy to understand.

– To create a design standard that is flexible both for customisation and growth by other departments.

A fast paced, collaborative approach resulted in a process that allowed the team to quickly test designs against customer scenarios and journeys.

For the main customer experience screens there were multiple design development rounds, with close stakeholder engagement via face-to-face meetings and conference calls.

After a successful period of development on the dashboard and content screens we evolved the design for the login and sign-up part of the customer journey.

All of the design standards that I created and implemented for the MyCash project were adopted across the business and the interface design became part of the preliminary work that would ultimately become the new ‘Bankline’ Business Banking interface.