Working with a true legend & pioneer of ethical fashion, Katharine Hamnett C.B.E

Katharine Hamnett first caused a stir in the early 80’s with her political t-shirts, she has since built a reputation as a true pioneer of eco chic and branding herself as fashions most political designer.

Following a competitive pitch I was challenged to bring the Katharine Hamnett brand to life online, design a responsive ecommerce website and to create a social platform which would enable Katharine to promote and talk about her environmental & ethical work.

Art Direction

Design Direction

Interface Design

The design of the website needed to compliment the iconic Katharine Hamnett style of large typography, clear white space and bold photography.

The primary goal of the website is to sell KH clothing and support the fashion seasons calendar. The business objective was to understand the red route user journeys for customers which allowed us to identify the key features and functionality content.

The homepage or ’Shop window’ was a main focus with the need to create specific layouts for women, men, children and the various one-off t-shirts created for charities.

The design is logically structured with a strong hierarchy, allowing the strong branding style to come to life and produce a site that worked on a global level to support the target audience and the seasons.

A fully responsive template approach allowed the site to be easy to use across multiple devices.

Because of the need to get to market quickly, reduce costs and keep development to a minimum Shopify was chosen as the eCommerce solution. It was perfect for Katharine Hammnett because it’s simple, the platform is intuitive and the costs are minimal for a client that wants to test the water.

A word from the client

“We visited a number of agencies before choosing the right partner to develop our webstore and blog with. The founders pride themselves on having direct relationships with clients. They listened and identified our needs and built a strategy for us, utilising their knowledge of various aspects of web design and development. Honest and open attitude, realistic deadlines within budget, and clear and concise communication. Most importantly we felt that they have the best interests of the brands they work with at the forefront and we are extremely happy with the results!” – Jasmin Harsono, Katharine Hamnett

After a long hiatus offline Katharine Hamnett was back online, firstly with a blog and then the ecommerce store.

The online experience has been fantastic and the users are loving the fresh fully responsive web design approach.

An incredible 34,000 new people came to visit Katharine Hamnett in the first couple of months.