The UK's beer industry is working with Jamie Oliver's Food Tube channel.

#BeerMatch is a unique Twitter service developed to give users instant beer recommendations from Britain’s best beer experts, for hundreds of the nation’s favourite foods.

The challenge was to drive the association between beer and food, especially in non traditional areas and encourage people to tweet the name of a food to @beerforthat with the hashtag #BeerMatch for an instant recommendation.

Art Direction

Design Direction

Interface Design

Three online videos were created that matched Prawns, Steak and Macaroni Cheese with 3 fantastic beers, they were first placed on youtube.

The challenge was to create an online competition mechanic and a number of pages to sit within the main Jamie Oliver website.

The pages had to be ‘age gated’ due to the alcoholic beer so the whole journey was wireframed and prototyped to detail all of the interactions and functionality. I pushed hard for the main competition page to have as much visual impact as possible; the photography and videos being a main focus.

The design was beautifully crafted to present the recipe and a carousel was used to show the possible beer options with the tasting notes.

Online banner advertising as well as Facebook & Twitter promoted the competition throughout the campaign.

There were an amazing 4,500 entries and the main competition page achieved over 11,000 views.