If Carlsberg made CEO’s


Is it me or has it become an English obsession to always focus on the negative?

I know it always happens with English sport but at the moment the British press are obsessed with giving us a daily dose of how bad the world is, how we are all going to succumb to the global downturn (credit crunch, doom and gloom, credit crisis, please feel free to insert your own) and that life in general will never be the same again so why bother.

Well it was nice this week to receive an email from William Corke (Harvest Digital) with a positive spin on the whole situation.

Subject: Nice upbeat comment from Audi’s CEO

When Rupert Stadler, Audi’s chief executive, was asked how his company was preparing for the downturn last autumn, he replied: “We heard about it, so we had a board meeting and discussed it thoroughly and have decided not to participate.”

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