Cloudburst 4

Cloudburst is the eclectic collection of everything that’s caught my eye online this week.

This week I’ve been reading
The Top 10 most innovative companies in the UK
Why Apple can’t be insanely great after Steve Jobs.
Jony Ive: “I’d leave Apple if it stopped innovating”
Sir Tim Berners-Lee – 25 years of the World Wide Web
Rory Sutherland: “It’s mildly exciting to pay my gas bill from a cafe in Paris”
Sir John Hegarty – “By and large the product’s shit”
Mark Boulton – Responsive Web Design-Defining The Damn Thing

This week I’ve been browsing
The Content Explosion
User Inter Faces
Pie This
We Heart, Lifestyle & Design Magazine

This week I’ve been watching

This week I’ve been listening to
Assorted Nuts – Sir John Hegarty

Quote of the week
“Innovation is an Innovation unto itself” Reggie Watts

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