Happy New Year


A distinct lack of posts reflects how hectic the end of ’09 was, the world of marketing appeared to start to shake off the worst effects of the downturn and it has been a rather crazy few months. Hopefully 2010 will be much more positive for everyone.

Well I did expect the most desirable object of the start of 2010 to be the Google Nexus One, but already in my eyes this has been beaten by the unbelievable Parrot AR.Drone. To say that I want one is an understatement.

The AR.Drone is a helicopter that features within two augmented reality games. The helicopter is controlled via Wi-Fi by either iPhone or iPod Touch and uses the accelerometer and touchscreen as controls. The helicopter boasts a camera so that you can see what’s going on through your iPhone or iPod Touch’s display.

One word: Awesome

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