Fuse 1-20

Fuse 1-20 Box Set

I needed to stretch my legs and have a bit of a creative stroll so I decided to go for a ramble around Soho and beyond.

A walk past Magma Books in London can sometimes be quite a costly ramble, today was no exception! It’s always a visual feast in Magma, lovely to spend half an hour browsing the assorted books, magazines, t-shirts etc.

Then I spotted it, the Fuse 1-20 Box. I remembered Creative Review saying that it had finally been published. Time to delve into the store copy and see what’s inside and more importantly had I made the final cut?

Fuse 1-20 Book

Whoop! Yes I made it. Didn’t end up on the cutting room floor!

Mayaruler 1 was featured as a Bonus font in Fuse 15 Cities. I was luck to be one of 3 students to have their fonts published after a student project set by our then tutor David Crow. Brings back lots of great memories looking through the book.

Fuse 1-20, Fuse 15 Cities - Mayaruler 1

Some more images and info on Mayaruler 1 in Experimental Typography and Mayaruler 1 posts.

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