Screen resolution saturation


I have been doing some research for a client brand workshop and have come across some really insightful information that I am going to have to post up including this handy little graph on screen resolution saturation.

Until a couple of years ago screen resolution used to be a huge factor when talking to clients about website design. There was a period of shift over a number of years from 600×800 to 1024×768, and trying to convince clients to make the jump to the larger resolution was like trying to get blood out of stone.

Providing multiple designs over two formats, illustrating cut-off points, explaining grids, trying to explain benefits of static versus fluid templates, text re-sizing blah, blah, blah. This was not only time consuming but soul destroying. Oh how we laughed and cried behind the scenes…

With 57% of screens now above 1024×768 could we be swiftly approaching the next jump up to 1280 or even 1680?

Let the pain begin again!

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