Vintage advertising


Spent a fantastic bank holiday with the family up at the East Anglian Railway Museum which is just outside Colchester, Essex. We were there for the Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends day!

This is a fantastic fully operational station with working museum. The museum buildings have been kept or restored back to their original state and there are hundreds of great examples of railway signage, posters and other collectible ephemera ranging from the early 1930’s and 1940’s.


Found these great examples of advertising that were exhibited in the main ticket hall. The visual impact of simple bold typography, the use of strong vivid solid colours and illustration are a great antidote to some of the over photoshopped examples we are bombarded with daily today.

Also great simple straightforward copy, “You can taste the fruit!”, “The mint with the hole”, “They’re new, They’re pepperint, They’re Spangles” Genius!


And here is the reason why we went in the first place. The phenomenon that is Thomas the Tank Engine!


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