Have I just experienced the future of media and the internet?
Am I getting a bit over excited about something I know has been coming for years?
Is it really as good as I think it is or am I being blinded by how much I like ‘The Dude’?

I’m not sure, but what I do know is the whole reason why I invested in an iPad and why I am getting pretty excited about the next few years in digital is for things like PROJECT magazine.

Ok so before I go too far in proclaiming this is the future of everything I obviously understand that it’s not. However smart mobile handsets and tablet devices are really having an impact on how people like to experience, consume and interact with different types of media and content.

I guess what really gets me excited is not what’s happening right now but that the possibilities for this are infinite and mind blowing. When this becomes more personalised, relevant, tailored, and real time we will really see the persuasive power of digital media.

It is also the blend of static & motion graphics, video, editorial layout and interactive design that really interests me as a designer.

I’ll post more when I have spent a bit more time browsing and hopefully done some comparison tests. If anyone out there knows of any other similar ‘digital magazines’ then please let me know.

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