Black box recorder

I had to make a trip into my loft this weekend to get a few things and while I was there I noticed this black box. I had forgotten all about this box, it holds a collection of graphic material that I have collected since I was at college (15 years ago!). So I obviously neglected what I was supposed to be doing and took a trip down memory lane.

I was amazed at what I had collected over the years. Everything is pre-digital and is an incredible array of books, brochures, leaflets, flyers, business cards, post cards etc. It was lovely to hold and feel tangible objects that had numerous printing and binding techniques, there wasn’t a single printed pdf in the whole box.

Now as much as I love digital and archive lots of digital movies, pdf’s, banners, emails, jpgs etc and using the mac I have numerous ways of efficiently browsing and finding exactly the file(s) I’m looking for I haven’t been this excited about looking through an archive for years.

Above is just a small number of items from the box. If you’re interested or are a graphic nerd then there is a brochure by Jonathan Barnbrook for the Virus font, House Industries type brochure, One Dot Zero film festival brochure, D&AD invite, T26 font leaflets, Zip design promo, Designers Republic (RIP) invite, Fuse 11 typeface postcard, Letraset catalogue (which is about 20 years old) and a couple more items going off shot.

I’ll have to post some more as there is some really lovely pieces of print design, especially one from Artomatic.

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