Tate Modern


When you get just that little bit older (mid 30’s!) and house prices plus starting families influence your decision to move just out of London, you really do forget what you have on your doorstep. Spent valentines this year at Vinopolis on the South Bank trying to become a wine connoisseur but really only managed to get pretty drunk (I recommend you go).

Therefore I had to get my fix of Tate Modern. I am always pretty much blown away just by the scale of the building and become almost childlike with enthusiasm when I enter the great expanse of the main turbine hall. This really is the best art museum in the world in my opinion. 

The sheer scale of the main exhibitions coupled with the new Rothko room and the diversity of the other exhibitions really set this apart from anything else I have visited. When travelling I have mostly tried to marry up relaxing breaks with a bit of culture and have been lucky enough to visit galleries such as the Louvre, Pompidou, Guggenheim (New York), but the Tate still comes out on top every time.

If you live in London or have just come for a visit you simply can’t afford to miss this.

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