Cloudburst 8

Cloudburst is the eclectic collection of inspiring stuff that’s caught my eye surfing through the layers of the interweb.

This week I’ve been reading
helloTED – The new TED Talk page: A brief history
The Drum – Can’t Understand New Technology
Teehan + Lax – The state of in-Car UX
Grafik – What next?
Adverblog – SXSW goes to London
The Guardian – Gmail does scan all emails
Contently – How Red Bull, AmEx and Dove win by proudly branding their content

This week I’ve been browsing
George & Jonathan
Girls Making Gun Sounds
The 2014 Wired 100
Secret 7″
How did an artist help Britain fight the war at sea?

This week I’ve been watching

This week I’ve been listening to
Stuff You should Know – How the Deep Web Works

Quote of the week
“If you can dream it you can do it. Always remember this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse” – Walt Disney

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