Cloudburst 7

Cloudburst is the eclectic collection of inspiring stuff that’s caught my eye surfing through the layers of the interweb.

This week we’ve been reading
The Drum – Break the rules, change tactics & thank your account manager
Telegraph – ‘Cool’ London is dead, and the rich kids are to blame
Fast Company – What it’s like to design a font from scratch
Creative Bloq – Has web design become too slick?

This week we’ve been browsing
31 DIY ways to make your backyard awesome this summer
The depth of the problem, Malaysia airlines flight 370
Dazed Digital

We’ve also been researching prototyping tools for a forthcoming project. Here’s a short list of what we feel are the best out there at the moment.
Marvel App

This week we’ve been watching

This week we’ve been listening to
It’s been a really busy week in the studio so we defaulted to always excellent Radio 6 Music.

Quote of the week
“A logo does not sell, it identifies.” – Paul Rand

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