Cloudburst 21

Cloudburst 21 is the eclectic collection of inspiring stuff that’s caught my eye surfing through the layers of the internet.

This week I’ve been reading
Linked in – Material Design | The Paper & Ink Concept
Medium – 10,000 Mobile Apps later and What we learned
Wired – This New Technology Will Make Fonts Look Great on Small Screens
Medium – Web applications don’t follow new rules
Telegraph – How YouTube changed the world
Ny Times – How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life
CNN – U.S. Navy unveils robotic firefighter

Every week we cherry pick industry related articles that we think are worth sharing and could prove useful for others. However we’re well aware that too much work (and pressure) makes us a little grumpy and we start to lose a little love for what we enjoy doing most. So here’s a few links to help you get away, escape the desk or find another outlet for your creativity.

Alastair Humphreys – Commuter Microadventure
Cloudburst 20, Microadventure

Dave Cornthwaite – From devastatingly bored graphic designer to record-breaking adventurer
The Great Discontent – 100 Day Project

This week I’ve been browsing
Use your interface
Animated UX/UI
The Gifys
Penguin, Little Black Classics
The world’s most innovative companies

This week I’ve been watching

This week I’ve been listening to
An eclectic mix that unfortunately we didn’t keep track of as we’ve been pretty busy. We’ll try harder for next week. Promise.

Quote of the week
“Life is too brief and too rich to tiptoe through half-heartedly, rather than galloping at it with whooping excitement and ambition” – Alastair Humphreys

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