Windows 8

I have just been watching this demo of the new Windows 8 OS. Very, very interesting indeed!

This is a momentous departure from what we regard (and are familiar with) as a standard OS and really shows the influence of visual gesture driven multi touch interfaces and mobile platforms.

I can now see why Microsoft put out the press release earlier on in the year saying they were going to run the next generation OS on mobile chip technology.

It will be interesting to compare Windows 8 with Apple Lion when it is released this summer. As we know from the limited press releases they are taking their best thinking from the iPad and bringing it all to the Mac.

As I have stated in previous posts I along with most of the industry are working on research and future thought pieces on the development of mobile platform devices, the future of apps & websites, Transmedia thinking, human behaviour patterns etc. These are very exciting times for all things digital.

Lots of what I have been predicting and talking to various people about is now starting to fall into place. So it’s nice to know I don’t talk bollocks all the time!

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