Thought for the week

The always enlightening and ever dependable Michael Johnson and his team has yet again come up trumps in their Thought for the week blog.

In his own words “A recent clear-out of old computers and hard drives revealed a clutch of old articles and interviews from the nineties that make interesting reading, a decade later. There follows an article about Peter Saville, as he tried to figure out what lay ahead after a troublesome nineties, plus a transcription of a discussion between Neville Brody and Michael Johnson, in 1994, on the eve of the publication of Brody’s second book.

A great insight into two true icons of the design world and as relevant now as they where in their day (Especially if your as old as I am and have grown up admiring them and their work).

Thought for the week is my most read blog at the moment and I always admire their brave ventures in trying to redesign existing logos (inspired or madness?) and their willingness to show the development of live projects online.

It’s not often you get an agency that is as confident and content with the work that they do to let everyone have a view and opinion of work in progress.

If I can recommend you check out one blog at the moment it’s this one! 
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