The Fun Theory

We’re all a bunch of miserable sods apparently!

Especially those of us that live in London if you’re to believe everything to read. No time for casual chit chat, rush, rush, rush, not even time for a cordial hello and a smile anymore.

Well VW have decided to inject a little bit of harmless playful fun into our lives, nice.

Even though it’s been around for a while The Fun Theory this is still my favourite campaign at the moment. A deserved winner at the Cannes Cyber Lions by DDB Stockholm, Sweden.

It’s one of those pieces of work that just brings out an inner smile, a whisper to a colleague of “oh very nice” and an envious thought of “oh I wish I’d thought of that”

A great example of a campaign that utilizes the digital platform perfectly. It’s not a digital solution, or a digital execution, just a campaign that integrates digital platforms and technologies perfectly.

It looks like they’ve continued the fun here to with their Fast Lane!

This post has got me thinking about other campaigns that use digital in innovative ways and I will post up my favourites. One of those is the now famous Nike Chalkbot that sprayed tweets onto stages of the Tour de France.

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