Josh Nimoy – Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy - Josh Nimoy, special effects genius

Incredible Tron Legacy blog post from Josh Nimoy aka jtnimoy giving an insight into the technologies, programming and processing techniques behind the effects for the feature film. Josh is obviously incredibly talented and far too clever for his own good! he’s using OpenFrameworks, wxWidgets, writing particle renderers and physics simulators and a lot more.

I love the in-depth approach and conscious effort right from concept stage to make the effects as real and appropriate for the film setting as possible “We were trying to create fireworks that looked enough like real fireworks but had interesting techno-aesthetic. As a homage to the original Tron character Bit, we used icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, and similar”!

His other work is just as impressive, take a bit of time out to check out

Tron Legacy - Josh Nimoy, special effects genius

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