Digital killed the video star

To some of us oldies that remember back to the Betamax v VHS war and the beginnings of DVD the recent sad news of the demise of old faithful Blockbuster came as a bit of a shock, I guess it was inevitable in this digital age.

It was mortally wounded in it’s last few years with tough competition from Netflix, Redbox, LOVEFiLM and the like, and the killer blow will have come from the phenomenal rise in web video, and people downloading from p2p networks.

The rise and rise of web video continues unabated. A few facts:
24 hours of web content uploaded to You Tube every minute
One third of all web traffic is video, by 2013 it is predicted to be 90%!

Alongside this rise of power come technical innovations that enable brands and agencies to be creative with video like never before. A great examples is the recent Tippex – NSFW A hunter shoots a bear! video that went viral.

The TED talk above is pretty inspirational, Chris Anderson says the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation — a self-fueling cycle of learning that could be as significant as the invention of print. Crikey!

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