Ever since designers were introduced to the world wide web and it’s seemingly limitless boundaries they (me included) have been exploring endless styles, trends, fads etc to see what end results could be achieved.

When I first ventured into this world they used to call ‘New Media’ the world wide web was hardly known to any but a few early pioneers. Back in the day we were designing for the new formats of enhanced cd’s and dvd’s all to be executed through Macromedia’s Director. I am old enough to remember a time when Flash wasn’t around!!

We really could do whatever we wanted, file sizes weren’t an issue, design and accessibility guidelines hadn’t been introduced and it was a fantastically exciting time to be a designer.

We then slowly started website design and online apps, needing to consider new constraints such download times (no broadband! only 56k or ISDN if you were lucky), system fonts, screen resolutions, primitive browser rendering, old school tables to consider in the build (no css when I were a lad), mac and pc problems etc etc…

We felt our hands were tied somewhat but never the less we got on with the job and thought we were superior in every way from our print based cousins.

Just when we thought we had conquered the world then new accessibility guidelines were introduced, we had to consider a whole new set of rules and complained bitterly when our beloved designs were stripped back to the simplicity of core graphics and live text.

Where am I going with this? well it feels that now the web is such an intrinsic part of peoples lives, a vast majority have been using it for so long it is now as second nature as watching tv, people’s expectations of what they can view online has been totally revolutionised.

Designers are back exploring multiple styles and applications of typography and graphics. There is great emphasis at the moment to try and replicate the rich colourful vibrant experience we get from editorial design. Taking the medium further we can also enhance the sites by including interactive apps and streaming media.

A few links I’ve recently been researching for current live client projects are from WebDesignerWall (large background websites) and Smashing Magazine (showcase of BIG typography).

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